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Wellbeing in the workplace

It's Great Britain Health and Wellbeing Week and to support wellbeing in the workplace, here are some ideas to get businesses inspired to take action...

Having healthy, stress-free and motivated employees can improve staff retention rates, lower sickness levels and increase employee performance.

Take a look at the working environment from an ergonomic perspective. Are employees working comfortably and effectively? Ask your employees to complete workstation assessments to check desk and chair set-up. Provide them with advice and information on good posture and working techniques.

Promote behaviour changes by encouraging a healthier lifestyle including taking regular breaks, exercise and healthy eating options.

Provide information on the benefits of physical activity. Incorporate this with details of local sports clubs and gyms and any staff discounts. Support activities and sports programmes inside and outside the workplace.

Ensure employees are informed of your Company smoke-free policy and its implications. This should be included in induction packs issued at the beginning of employment.

Stock vending machines with additional healthier food and drink options enriched with vitamins and minerals.

Raise awareness and understanding of mental health issues amongst employees.

Encourage employees to walk or cycle to work.

Find out if your local council runs any wellbeing initiatives such as smoking cessation programmes or blood pressure cholesterol testing.

If your business is looking to effectively manage absence levels and reduce employee ill-health, promote wellbeing in the workplace to help keep your people physically and mentally healthy.

If you are interested in developing a wellbeing plan for your workplace contact CG Safety for more details.

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