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Specific risk assessments

Risk Assessments

If you have five or more employees businesses are required to complete a written general risk assessment. A general risk assessment should cover all of the potential hazards and risks which your employees, clients and visitors could be exposed to when visiting your premises. The risk assessment also needs to include all of the controls which are in place to protect these groups of people.

However, there is also a legal requirement to complete other assessments which apply to specific risks or activities associated with your business. Some of these include:

Workstation assessments (using computers/laptops etc)

Manual handling assessments (lifting and carrying tasks)

Working at height assessment

New and expectant mothers assessment

Children and young persons assessment

Fire risk assessment

First aid needs assessment

COSHH assessment (control and use of substances and chemicals)

Noise assessment

Home working assessment

Best practice...

If your business involves employees regularly driving, working alone or working on other premises it is prudent to make sure all risks have been assessed for their protection.

If your employees undertake adhoc activities such as volunteering or special events, again a risk assessment is strongly recommended.

Drop us a line if you need clarity on which risk assessments are required for your business.

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