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Top tips to help prevent COVID-19 in the workplace

Here is the latest advice to help keep your workplace Covid secure:

Enhance the current cleaning regime for the workplace. Ask staff to clean their workstations at the end of the shift using antibacterial wipes/spray.

Identify and clean frequently touched surfaces/touch points – this should happen several times a day. Don't forget shared Company vehicles including fork lift trucks.

Remember to include meeting rooms which should be cleaned after every use.

All staff should have their own cup/mug for drinks and they should be responsible for making their own drinks and cleaning their crockery after use. If a dishwasher is available then crockery should be placed inside immediately after use.

Provide hand sanitiser stations across the workplace and use signage to remind staff and customers to frequently sanitise.

Where required to do so by law, ask customers to wear face coverings.

Ensure social distancing is in place. Create one way systems and display signs to act as reminders. Identify pinch points and limit numbers of people in certain areas.

Arrange workspaces to keep staff apart. Use barriers such as perspex screens to separate people. Other considerations include back to back or side by side working for short periods.

Introduce fixed teams, bubbles or shift patterns to reduce the number of people each person comes into contact with.

Increase ventilation in work areas by keeping doors and windows open. Where meeting rooms are small this is particularly important.

Keep music and other background noise to a minimum to prevent people from speaking loudly or shouting.

Be familiar with the various self isolating scenarios.

Send any member of staff home who displays Covid symptoms. Send out regular reminders to staff of the typical symptoms.

Use an internal track and trace system for any possible/confirmed cases and store this information in accordance with GDPR.

Any employee who receives notification from the NHS test and trace that they have been in contact with someone who has tested positive should be sent home and the self isolation procedures followed.

Reduce the maximum occupancy for lifts.

Use a simple visitor health questionnaire which you can send out 24 hours in advance of any pre-booked appointments. Again store safely in accordance with GDPR.

Communicate all Covid procedures to staff and visitors. Send out regular reminders to keep it fresh in everyone’s minds.

The Government has asked all businesses to complete a Covid-19 risk assessment covering the risks and precautions in place to protect staff and customers, and display the Government notice on the premises confirming the premises is Covid secure.

If you require any support keeping your premises Covid secure, please get in touch.

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