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Tips for working comfortably…

Updated: Dec 31, 2021

There is a lot of information available on how to set up your perfect workstation. To keep it simple, here are some quick tips to help you feel more comfortable…wherever you’re working.

Your Chair

  • Make sure it’s fit for purpose and you can carry out your work adopting the correct posture and without discomfort.

  • It should be fully adjustable; make sure you know how to use the levers/controls.

  • If your feet don’t touch the floor, consider using a footrest.

Your Keyboard

  • Your keyboard and screen should be separate; it is hard to maintain a good posture if using a laptop keyboard.

  • Position your keyboard close to you, so you avoid overstretching.

Your mouse

  • There are many different types of mice on the market. If you experience discomfort when using the one you have, try an alternative.

  • Place the mouse as close as possible to the keyboard, again to avoid overstretching.

Your Screen

  • As already mentioned, your screen should be separate from your keyboard.

  • Make sure the screen is clean and the background and text colours work well together.

  • You should be familiar with the controls; adjust the brightness and contrast to suit you.

  • If there is a glare or reflection from the screen, adjust its position – this can also help relieve neck and shoulder discomfort.


  • Software should be fit for purpose, be user-friendly and minimise stress.

Furniture and Equipment

  • Move frequently used equipment within easy reach. On the phone a lot? Bring it closer to you or consider using a headset.

  • Keep your desk free of clutter.

  • Use non-reflective equipment.

Your Environment

  • Make sure you have enough space to move around and stretch your muscles.

  • If possible, adjust the temperature to suit – and at least avoid cold draughts.

  • Make sure lighting levels are suitable for you – use blinds or task lighting to help.

  • Tidy cables – they should not be a trip hazard!

Remember, even the correct posture can become uncomfortable if you don’t take regular breaks away from your desk. Also, introduce micro-pauses between long spells of continuous work to help reduce the risk of health issues.


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