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Tesco worker sustained chemical eye burn

This week Tescos were prosecuted after a worker sustained a chemical eye burn whilst using a corrosive cleaning product, resulting in a fine of £116,000 and legal costs of £10,625. The product splashed into the worker's face causing eye burns and occurred as a result of not wearing goggles. It also transpired that the worker had learning disabilities which his manager was aware of.

Actions for employers:

  • If chemicals and substances are used in the workplace then COSHH assessments should be prepared which highlight the necessary actions to be taken to protect the user.

  • Introduce control measures as identified in the COSHH assessment.

  • Although goggles and other protective equipment can be used as methods of controlling the risks, these should be used as a last resort. Consider substituting the chemical for a less dangerous alternative.

  • Consider any vulnerable employees who may need additional support.

  • All employees should receive information and training in safe working practices.

If you require support with your COSHH or safety procedures, contact CG Safety.

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