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Policies and Procedures


What are Health and Safety Policies and Procedures?

The Health and Safety at Work etc. Act 1974 requires businesses which employ five or more persons to prepare a written health and safety policy.


This policy needs to include a statement of intent, health and safety roles and responsibilities within your business and details of your health and safety arrangements.  

Your health and safety policy needs to be shared with all employees and revised and updated at least annually. 

Any visits to your premises by local enforcement authorities will request to see a copy of your policy. 

What is included?

Preparation of your health and safety policy and creating bespoke procedures applicable to your work activities.  This information may include:

  • Fire safety procedures 

  • Working safely with DSE (PCs and laptops)

  • Homeworking

  • Working alone

  • Travelling on business

  • Safe lifting guidance

  • Safe use of chemicals (COSHH)

  • Working at height

  • First aid procedures

  • Accident reporting

  • Consulting with employees

  • Information and training

  • Health and wellbeing

Alternatively, I can review your existing procedures to ensure you have everything covered.

The added bonus of preparing your procedures in writing and sharing them with your team - as well as being legally compliant - will mean you are demonstrating your commitment to safety and the answers to any questions your team may have will be easily accessible.

Who is it for?

New or established businesses which require​ support preparing the required health and safety documentation

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