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Employee Wellbeing

Research shows that wellbeing is more than just people's medical health

What is Employee Wellbeing?

By employers taking a more holistic proactive approach in helping employees manage their wellbeing it can significantly help in terms of a reduction in staff absenteeism, as well as increasing employee engagement and productivity.  An increasing number of people now expect their employer to deliver much more from a health and wellbeing perspective than just keeping them safe at work.

Wellbeing can focus on a range of different health matters including stress management, mental health, back pain, reducing the risk of upper limb disorders, improving employee absence and supporting staff with health and lifestyle challenges. 

What is included?

Support to businesses which are looking to deliver a joined-up health and wellbeing approach. The focus can just be delivering your health and safety responsibilities but with a strong emphasis on accident prevention, absence management and workplace design.  I can also help prepare health and lifestyle communications and promotions for you to share with your employees.  


Alternatively, I can work with you to develop a strategy of suitable workplace wellbeing initiatives and employee benefits.  This means initially identifying and focussing on your businesses key related issues and tackling them with long-term health and wellbeing solutions. Getting the balance right is essential as well as removing any stigma and taboo perceptions. Preventative solutions and plans for responsive support both need to be incorporated into a suitable wellbeing policy.

Common initiatives include occupational health, counselling services as well as benefits such as insurance packages and gym memberships.  Other investments could include nominating wellbeing representatives, awareness campaigns and health and dietary advice. 

Who is it for?

Whether you run a small or large organisation there are solutions to fit every budget and by implementing initiatives will, in the longer term, have a positive impact on saving you money.

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