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I feel as though a weight has been lifted off my shoulders and great to know I can contact you with any questions in the future.

Although the majority of health and safety requirements kick in when a business has five or more employees, smaller businesses still need to be mindful of the risks that they create and look at ways to reduce them. For some business owners they are increasingly being asked by their clients for copies of written risk assessments/method statements to ensure the work is completed safely and this is regardless of how many people are employed. 

Recently CG Safety helped a small business owner running a garden maintenance business who needed risk assessment support in order to fulfil her client's request.

Down to Earth

That's super, thank you Caroline and thank you for your valuable input.


Moorish is a small business producing award winning humous and dips.  The founder of the Company, required health and safety support following notification that one of their employees was an expectant mum.  CG Safety completed an expectant mothers risk assessment as required under the Management of Health & Safety at Work Regulations and provided the Company with a detailed report of findings and recommendations to ensure the risks exposed to the expectant mother were either avoided or managed effectively. 

Julie Waddell

This is great, thank you very much – exactly what I was looking for. 

CG Safety was approached by Michelle, Founder and Director at Your HR Consultant who was seeking some manual handling advice on behalf of her client.  The Manual Handling Regulations apply when any lifting/carrying activities take place.  In order to meet Michelle's requirements, a six step safe lifting plan, designed as an infographic was prepared for Michelle which she was then able to share with her client.

Michelle Giles

Caroline has whipped our health and safety into shape in record time - thank You!

ISS specialise in helping small and medium sized businesses master their IT in the South East of England.  CG Safety were approached to assist ISS with their legal health and safety responsibilities not only to protect their employees but to demonstrate to their clients that they have the required safety processes in place.  A complete safety management system was prepared which included policies, procedures, risk assessments and guidance.  All of which covered both the risks relating to the workplace, travelling on business and visiting client's sites.  

Anthony Goold

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